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Barrie Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal

Do you have an old stump on your property? In almost all situations, it's better to get rid of that unsightly stump than it is to keep it around on your lawn or in your yard—but that's easier said than done. Any kind of tree removal requires expertise and skill, and that's as true for Barrie stump grinding as it is for removing the rest of the tree. 

Luckily, you can always rely on OrangeX Tree Services to meet your needs for Barrie stump grinding and removal. When you need Barrie tree service professionals who can provide safe, efficient, professional stump removal service, we're here to help you reclaim your yard. 

No matter what type or size of stump you need to remove, we can make it disappear. Our experienced tree service professionals have the skill and expertise to remove everything properly and set you up for whatever you have planned for your property. You don't have to let an ugly stump sit on your lawn in Barrie. OrangeX can remove the entire stump and help you get your green space back.

Is Stump Removal Necessary?

If you removed a small tree that was sitting in your yard in Barrie and its base is now sitting inconspicuously out of the way, you might be tempted to let it stay there forever, but that's often a decision that leads to new problems in the future. That pesky stump might not seem like a problem today, but when someone trips over it, or its roots cause damage to nearby plants and structures, you'll wish you had removed it.  

Safe tree removal should not stop at the stump. Whether with grinding or more involved removal processes, the best way to avoid potential future complications caused by a stump is with complete removal. Making an appointment for professional Barrie stump grinding service will ensure that you don't have to worry about any future problems.

Getting Barrie Stump Grinding Service Helps You Avoid:

  • Safety Concerns: Your green space should be a part of your property in Barrie that you can enjoy and use freely, without having to worry about tripping over a pesky stump hiding in your grass. The remains of that tree are a hazard to both the people using your green space and any potential equipment that may come into contact with it. You can make your property safer by grinding that base down to its roots.
  • Disease and Pests: If you had a diseased tree on your property, it's possible for that disease to continue spreading through the remaining wood, especially if it's left to sit on your lawn. It's also possible for new diseases to take root, and for pests like carpenter ants, termites and other insects to infest the remaining wood. Tree service professionals can help you avoid all those pests and problems by grinding their potential home away.
  • Growth problems: Did you know that the root structure of a tree can continue growing if it's stump still remains in the ground? Those continuously growing root systems can cause a lot of problems for property owners in Barrie, from the growth of new, smaller plants, to disruptions to surrounding areas of plant growth and even damage to buried pipes. You won't have to worry about root infiltration in your plumbing system or root growth in your vegetable garden when you grind away the base where all those roots connect. 
  • Construction complications: The base of an old tree can be a real problem for anyone who wants to build something new where it's sitting. Not to mention, its connected roots could disrupt construction projects in other nearby areas of your green space. The easiest way to get rid of that obstacle is with an appointment for a Barrie stump grinding service. 

What is the Difference between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

Grinding involves using specialized equipment to tear apart the stump and grind it down below ground level, often to as much as 18 inches deep. Removal, which is also sometimes called stump pulling, involves more invasive digging and pulling in order to rip the entirety of the stump and most of its connected roots out of the ground. 

Grinding essentially reduces the structure to mulch, leaving behind only wood chips and it also leaves much of the existing root system intact, thereby limiting damage to your surrounding grass, plants and property. The removal process requires lots of space and access for heavy machinery like an excavator to pull out all the roots, leaving you with a torn up yard and  a huge hole where your stump was. 

What Are the Benefits of Getting Tree Stump Removal in Barrie, ON?

Improve Your Curb Appeal

An old, ugly stump on your property is almost as bad as an old, dead tree, if not more so. Having that weathered wood wasting away on your lawn will have a negative effect on your curb appeal, but you can reverse that situation by simply removing it. If you're planning to sell your home, now or in the future, or if you just want your property to look its best, Barrie stump grinding service is a simple way to boost your curb appeal, and the way you feel about your home.

Protect Your Property:

From wood rot to the problems caused by roots below ground, there are a lot of ways that an old stump can cause damage to properties in Barrie. Grinding that wood away will reduce your risks of damage, and thus help you further protect your property from potential issues in the future.

Free Up Space:

The small, weathered base of an old tree can be a surprisingly big obstacle in your yard. Whether it's in the way of where you want to build a new patio, driveway or it's just sitting in the space you use to run around, that little obstacle can be a big source of frustration. Grinding it down is the simplest, most convenient way to reclaim your space and start enjoying your yard again.  Once the stump is removed, you can lay sod over it right away and have your yard completely transformed, fast!

What Are the Benefits of Barrie Stump Grinding Service?

Did you know that grinding has extra specific benefits beyond just what comes from removing the tree stump? When compared to traditional removal methods, grinding brings a whole collection of extra bonuses that make it a great option for many property owners in Barrie. 

Barrie Stump Grinding Service Is:

  • Quick: Grinding is a simpler process and takes less time than traditional removal methods. 
  • Safe: When used by a trained professional, a stump grinder is a safe piece of equipment and the grinding process involves fewer hazards than traditional removal.
  • Less Invasive: Pulling everything out with the roots results in a lot of additional landscaping damage, while grinding simply reduces everything down to a small hole. 
  • More affordable: Because grinding is simpler, faster, and creates less landscaping damage, there are fewer overall costs for homeowners than there are for traditional removal projects.
  • More Accessible: Our nimble stump grinding machines have tracks that can go almost anywhere and are narrow enough that they can fit almost anywhere, meaning there are few stumps we can’t get to and remove.

Why Choose OrangeX Tree Services for Barrie Stump Grinding and Removal?

Passionate Experts

At OrangeX Tree Services, we do everything we can to find the best staff in the industry, and give them the support they need to continue pursuing their passion. We provide a wide range of benefits and bonuses that help us attract talented, passionate experts, which means that when you choose OrangeX, you're choosing the best.

Trustworthy, Professional Service

We're as passionate about providing trustworthy, professional service as we are about caring for trees, and we always strive to ensure you're completely satisfied with the service we provide as well as the solutions we recommend for helping you with your Barrie stump grinding and removal project. 

Green Solutions

We believe that everyone must do their part to support the environment, and we've committed to that belief with our pledge to pursue net-zero business practices and use battery-powered, electric equipment whenever possible.

Advanced Equipment and Technology:

We always use the best tools and equipment for the job. Our powerful, commercial-grade stump grinders can remove an entire stump down to 18”, and its tracks even make it possible to provide our service on uneven ground or difficult terrain like hills. Whether your stump is small or large, in the front yard or on a hill in the backyard we can remove it.

Experienced, Skilled Tree Service Professionals

Founded by two professionals with extensive backgrounds firefighting and  emergency services, OrangeX Tree services brings that same level of teamwork,, experience,  and professional service to deliver safe, effective stump grinding and removal in Barrie. We always provide the safest, most effective solutions for meeting your needs.

Barrie Stump Grinding FAQs

How Much Does Stump Grinding in Barrie, ON Cost?

No tree in Barrie is the same, and that includes the base. It's difficult to provide an exact estimate for stump grinding or removal, because there are so many important factors to consider, but we're always happy to speak with you directly or visit you in person, so that we can get the details we need to provide an accurate, honest estimate for stump grinding or removal. 

The factors that affect the cost of grinding and removal include:

  • The size, age and location of the stump
  • Proximity to other structures (e.g. fences, patio stones, etc)
  • Hazards to the machine in the stump (e.g. metal objects in the stumps like old wire fencing)
  • The surrounding root system
  • The client’s planned purpose for the area after removal (e.g. grass or driveway) as this will affect the required depth of the grind

Is Stump Grinding Better Than Stump Removal?

In some cases, grinding is better, and in other cases, it may not be the best choice. Grinding and traditional removal methods both have pros and cons that make them ideally suited to specific situations at various properties in Barrie. For example, when it comes to speed and convenience and price, grinding is usually the best choice. However, if it's necessary to remove all the surrounding roots and there is plenty of access and space for heavy machinery (e.g. like on a farm or acreage),then removal may be better.  

If you're not sure whether you need a grinding service or removal service, we can help you evaluate your needs for the specific area and determine the best solution for removing your old stump and preparing your green space for future use.

Is Chemical Stump Removal an Option?

Using a chemical stump remover is generally not a replacement for grinding or removal. These products work by attempting to speed up the natural process of decay—which can still take quite a long time (i.e. months or years) even with chemical assistance. You also run the risk of damaging nearby plant life when you use these chemicals. The most convenient, effective solutions for stump removal in Barrie are grinding and pulling it out of the ground.

Can You Grind a Tree Stump Yourself?

Yes, certainly. If you are an avid DIY’er, you can rent a small stump grinder from Home Depot (It looks a bit like a lawnmower). These machines are fairly labour intensive, requiring you to lift up on the handlebars in order to press the grinder into the stump wood, and the cost of rental, plus your time, is usually the same or more than hiring a professional with a larger machine. Safety is another important consideration. In the right hands, a grinder is an effective tool that can be used safely and efficiently. In untrained hands, there are many risks for accidental damage or injury. Those risks only become greater when more invasive removal methods are involved. Unless you have the training, experience and knowledge required to get the job done safely, you might be better to leave Barrie stump grinding and removal to your local Barrie pros. 

Does Stump Grinding Attract Termites?

The wood chips created by grinding does not generally attract termites or other insects in Barrie, but an intact stump can. If you're concerned about the possibilities of pest infestations, it's better to grind away a stump or remove it rather than leave it in place as a potential new home for insects.

Will a Tree Grow Back if You Grind the Stump?

No, a tree will not grow back if you grind its stump. Once grinding is complete, the remaining roots begin to gradually decompose. That natural decomposition is a lengthy process, and it can take many years for roots to completely decompose, but there is no risk of a new tree growing back during that time.

Do You Need Barrie Stump Grinding or Removal Services?

The team at OrangeX Tree Services can meet your needs. Whether you need stump grinding or another type of service, such as tree removal, tree pruning, or emergency tree services, you can rely on our knowledgeable, experienced, friendly staff to provide effective solutions and exceptional service. Whether you live in Barrie or another nearby part of Ontario, such as Innisfil, Shanty Bay or Orillia, you can depend on OrangeX for all your tree care needs. 

Call 705-817-8773 to schedule an appointment with our team or learn more about our services. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have! Or book a request for our services online directly, right now