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When thunderstorms or windstorms happen, many different parts of your Barrie home could fall victim to these unpleasant weather conditions. One area that often takes the most damage during emergency situations is your treeline. This is because foliage takes the brunt of the wind and is whipped into surrounding trees or structures. A harsh storm could result in broken, cracked or uprooted trees that need professional tree removal.

Your local Barrie tree service professionals at OrangeX are equipped for these urgent situations. Has one of your trees lost a branch from a storm that is blocking your street? Our expert arborists will provide you with immediate emergency tree service. Barrie, ON property owners won’t have to deal with blockages for long because our tree experts will thoroughly inspect the tree’s condition and offer a fast and efficient solution for you.

Tree Blocking Street in Front of House - Emergency Tree Services in Barrie Ontario

Signs You Need Barrie Emergency Tree Service

Knowing when to remove dangerous trees is important. Letting a damaged oak go unnoticed can pose a risk to your family, home or neighboring structures. It’s important to seek Barrie emergency tree service professionals to take care of any sudden arborist needs to ensure the safety of your property and health of your tree.

It’s Dead:

A dead tree won’t be able to grow further and will slowly deteriorate from the inside out until becoming an eyesore or until it is at risk of falling. Therefore, we recommend acting fast and not waiting until the next storm hits town. Any extreme weather conditions could call for emergency tree service. Barrie, ON property owners should call for early tree inspections when they notice any warning signs that their tree may be dead, like a dry and brown cambium layer. 

It’s Showing Signs of Disease or Decay:

White spots, cottony white masses and sticky substances that aren’t sap are signs of diseases that need Barrie emergency tree services. If you notice signs of decay, you should remove your tree before it spreads to other plants and risks a large-scale infestation in your Barrie neighbourhood. As decay starts inside the tree, it might be difficult to find obvious damage and once you notice, the tree may have already sustained extensive damage. The sooner you call for emergency tree service in Barrie, ON, the sooner your property will be safe from the spread of disease, decay or damage that could potentially affect other parts of your home.

Storm Damage:

A storm can harm a tree and cause it to lose branches or foliage. Sometimes part of the tree breaks off but remains attached, creating a very hazardous situation.  In some cases the injured or broken limbs can be removed and the rest of the tree can recover. In other cases, our experts may determine that it is best to remove the tree. 

Risk of Damage to a Building:

If your sapling is growing at an alarming rate, or a new expansion to your home brought a tree a little closer than normal, it could be at risk of damaging a building. Strong gusts of wind have the ability to swing branches into buildings, destroying windows, roof shingles or sometimes siding. Roots can also find themselves in cracked foundations looking for moisture or even penetrate into sewer lines. Rather than wait until your tree wreaks havoc, you could preemptively remove it with Barrie emergency tree service to give yourself peace of mind about keeping your property safe.

The Tree or its Limbs May Fall:

Similar to the sign above, if you see a branch hanging on by a thread outside your home, rather than wait for it to create harm, we recommend scheduling a visit from us for Barrie emergency tree service. A branch falling on power lines could cause power outages for you and your neighborhood and even lead to fires. Also, storm damage leaves trees in unstable positions where they may be prone to collapsing and are dangerous, especially in winter when loaded with heavy snow or ice. The safest solution is to contact your local pros at OrangeX for emergency tree services. Barrie, ON homeowners who act fast will prevent future issues.

Compromised Structure:

A tree that has endured damage may have a compromised interior structure. For example, a tree with a bad crotch is at high risk of collapsing. Cracks in the main trunk or stumps might be a sign of structural issues, indicating that the tree is nearing its time to go. Your reliable Barrie emergency tree services pros at OrangeX will thoroughly inspect your tree’s health, determine its issues and confirm any possible damage.

It’s Outgrowing its Space:

If your tree is becoming too large for the space it was planted in or is beginning to push against your Barrie property, it could be time to remove it. Many people don’t consider the final size their sapling can grow to after many years and not properly spacing out where they plant then leads to problems down the road. Planting trees too close together will also pose risks to nearby trees and the branches may begin to droop and take up space in your yard. Numerous trees in your yard might begin to look cluttered and require Barrie emergency tree service to fix issues before they become significantly worse or cause damage.

It’s a Lightning Risk:

Lightning strikes trees all the time. In fact, lightning strikes account for approximately 50% of all forest fires. If lightning were to strike a tree on your property, it could, potentially cause a fire on your Barrie property and easily spread to anything nearby like a home or shed. If your tree is the tallest object in the area and you don’t have a protection system, removing it will lower the chance of being struck by lightning.

Storm Damage That Calls for Emergency Tree Service

Barrie, ON gets tornados and other strong wind events that are often unexpected and can cause devastating harm to trees and surrounding property, often requiring emergency services. In winter, ice storms can also damage trees and knock down power lines.  Taking the proper pre- and post-storm actions will give your trees the best chance of surviving and your property the best chance of keeping the power on and staying damage-free.

Assessing a Storm-Damaged Tree

  • Does it appear to be healthy and vigorous? Depending on the nature of the damage, an otherwise healthy tree with a damaged limb may not need to be removed fully. We always try to save a tree if we can.  Our tree experts always do a full assessment of any tree damaged in a storm to assess if it is still structurally safe and to determine whether it will stand a good chance of surviving. 
  • Has the main stem been lost? The leader is the main upward-trending branch on most trees. Some trees have multiple leaders. If one or more leaders has been lost or cracked, the tree has suffered a big loss. The leader is important for both upward growth and a desirable appearance. It might still live without the leader, but it could be stunted or become a deformed version of the original.
  • Are major limbs broken? If larger limbs are broken, it will be harder for the tree to recover from damage. When large limbs are broken or hanging, we always recommend you seek a professional arborist to assess the tree and take care of your emergency tree removal in Barrie.  
  • Is at least 50 percent of the crown intact? This is a common rule of thumb when assessing survivability. If less than half of the tree’s branches are remaining then the tree may not be able to produce enough foliage to nourish itself through another growing season in Barrie. It’s important not to over prune to try and fix the appearance of the remaining portion of the tree. For example, although your elm tree may look naked or unbalanced with missing branches, it could still recover quickly. If you aren’t sure, get a second opinion from our emergency services team at OrangeX Tree Services.
  • How big are the tree wounds? The larger the wound in relation to the size of the limb, the less likely it is to heal. A wounded branch leaves the tree vulnerable to disease and pests. For example, a 2-3 inch wound on a 12-inch diameter limb will close over with new bark within a couple of years.
  • Are there remaining branches that will form a new structure? Any remaining branches will grow more vigorously as the tree tries to replace missing foliage. Depending on where the remaining branches are, it may be able to return to its original appearance.

Tips For After Storm Damage

After a storm, if not in a state of emergency, giving your trees proper attention is essential for their survival and health. Our Barrie emergency tree services team has the knowledge and experience needed to assess and treat any tree damage after a storm.

Don’t top your trees: Never cut the main branches of a tree back to stubs. This leaves ugly, weakly attached limbs that will grow higher than the original branches and are more likely to break off in a future storm.

Don’t over prune: Resist pruning damaged branches to fix appearances. Trees can regrow new foliage and return to their natural look relatively quickly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Clean up torn bark: Smoothing the ragged edge of torn bark helps the wound close faster and gets rid of hiding places for insects.

Remove jagged edges and limbs that invite insects and disease

  1. Make a partial cut from beneath at a point several inches away from the trunk.
  2. Make a second cut from above, several inches out from the first cut, to allow the limb to fall safely.
  3. Complete the job with a final cut just outside the branch collar, the raised area that surrounds the branch where it joins the trunk.

Why Choose OrangeX for Barrie Emergency Tree Service?

When looking for 24-hour emergency tree service, Barrie, ON property owners can rest easy knowing that we are here to provide the best emergency tree service available. Our wide range of specialty equipment and exceptional staff means that we can handle any situation, which includes being on-site in as little as 30 minutes to deal with your tree emergency as soon as it happens. We work directly with your insurance provider to make things easier and ensure you have no out-of-pocket expenses. We put people before profits by focusing on giving our customers the best experience possible, no matter the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Tree Service in Barrie, ON

Most of the questions we receive are generally about how to tell when a tree needs to be removed versus left to heal. Hopefully, our answers below will help you with your decision. If not, please contact us—one of our professional arborist experts will be more than happy to help you evaluate your tree.

How do you Decide When to Keep a Tree Affected by Damage?

If you’re still unsure whether your tree is damaged beyond repair or not, we recommend asking our professional arborist experts to see if any emergency treatments will be able to help the tree recover and survive.

Sure Bets:

If the damage is relatively minor, emergency tree pruning will remove the few broken branches and should allow the tree to heal. For example, a mature shade tree can usually survive the loss of one major limb. However, large wounds should be closely monitored for signs of decay or infection.

If enough strong limbs remain on an otherwise healthy tree, we should be able to help you save your tree. Younger trees can sustain significant damage and still recover quickly. If the leader is still intact and the structure for future branching remains, it’s a good sign your tree will recover. 

Time Will Tell: 

If your tree seems like a borderline case, it’s important not to simply remove it and be done with it. Carefully pruning broken branches and giving the tree time to recover will help you make a proper decision later on. At OrangeX Tree Services, we always try to save a tree if at all possible. 

It’s important to avoid pruning too heavily as trees need all the foliage they can produce in order to survive through the next growing season. Only remove broken limbs. A healthy mature tree can recover even when several major limbs are broken. With larger trees, we recommend consulting with our experts for emergency services to ensure we act in time.

Too Late to Save: 

Suppose an otherwise healthy young tree has lost too much of its crown. In that case, it will probably not be able to grow enough new branches and leaves to provide enough of the necessary nourishment required and will never regain its former beautiful shape. If only a trunk remains, or only a few remaining branches exist that can’t provide enough foliage for the tree to make it through another growing season, it’s not a good sign.

If your tree has a rotten inner core in the trunk or structural weakness in branching patterns, the trunk could split. This means the wounds are too large to mend, and the tree has lost its sap lifeline between roots and leaves. If you need a second opinion, our emergency services team is happy to come and provide you with a detailed diagnosis.

How Do We Remove Trees?

We utilize specialized equipment such as cranes, lifts, bucket trucks, chippers and skid steers, in addition to our skilled climbers, to safely and effectively remove any hazardous tree requiring our emergency services.  We also have specialized stump grinders to remove your stumps and members of our landscape division can even patch your lawn with sod or hydroseed. Our professional Barrie emergency tree service can remove any damaged or fallen tree from your property quickly and safely. 

Choose OrangeX for Barrie Emergency Tree Service!

Our skilled team is here to provide expert emergency tree services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are proud to help Barrie, ON homeowners have a safer environment and no longer be at risk of potential risks or injuries due to damaged trees. We proudly serve Barrie and all neighbouring communities including Innisfil, Essa and the rest of Simcoe County.

If you’ve been the victim of a storm that has affected your trees, or you have a certain tree like an elm or oak you want removed ASAP, give us a call at 705-817-8773 to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable arborists. Our Barrie emergency tree service experts are here to answer any questions you may have about tree emergencies, disease detection, tree removal or any other tree care services you may be considering, including tree removal, tree assessments, routine tree pruning, and/or stump grinding.