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Innisfil, Ontario is a town built hand and hand with nature. Whether you’re enjoying the water at Innisfil beach park or enjoying the many trails and parks, nature is close by. Beautiful oaks, maples, and evergreens can be seen all around the town, adding to Innisfil’s beauty. But what happens when the birches on your own property become riddled with disease and begin looking like they’re approaching death? That’s when you’ll find yourself needing OrangeX Tree Services—your friendly and knowledgeable Innisfil tree service team.

Making sure your trees are healthy is important for long-term property development in Innisfil. A nice treeline adds a lot to the appearance of your property. Whether you’re looking for assessment, removal, pruning, or stump removal, you want an Innisfil tree service company you can trust. Don’t leave your tree’s health up to chance, get a professional to evaluate any damage or health concerns you’re worried about. Our services include tree planting, removal, pruning and more.

Tree Removal in Innisfil, ON 

With trees helping to contribute to our environment and ecosystem, you may ask why you would ever need tree removal in Innisfil. The answer is that trees can become hazardous when they begin to decay or suffer structural damage. Fortunately, tree removal is one of the essential Innisfil tree services that our team provides.

The Most Common Dangers of Hazardous Trees Include:

  • Injury: A tree trunk waiting to collapse is like a time bomb waiting to explode. Damaged branches could also be hanging on by a thread waiting for the right moment to fall. These falling limbs and branches will cause serious damage to anything that happens to be under them at the time. Trees might appear healthy on the outside but be suffering from cracks, decay or disease internally. Knowing who to call for Innisfil tree services will help you solve those problems safely, with the best possible results.
  • Property Damage: A falling branch could take out a window or damage your home’s roof or siding. A weak tree is prone to damage in the event of a storm or strong winds in Innisfil. Preemptively removing at-risk oaks or pines with Innisfil tree services helps save money on property repairs.
  • Utility Damage: Sometimes, large pines and other species grow close to power lines. As your pine grows taller, its branches can begin encroaching on existing power lines, making it necessary to contact your local professionals at OrangeX for Innisfil tree services. Trimming the branch may be enough to fix the problem but our experts will assess the entire tree carefully, because in some cases removal may be necessary. Utility boxes commonly found on the ground outside your home can be of similar concern for roots. Lastly, buried utility systems such as sewer pipes or other lines can be damaged by roots and require the tree to be removed to fix the problem.

Tree Trimming in Innisfil, Ontario

Tree Trimming in Innisfil, ON

Trimming and pruning are the Innisfil tree services you need if you want to remove unwanted branches from the tree structure to improve its health and aesthetic appeal, and prevent them from growing too far out. This is beneficial for your tree when done properly, but when performed improperly, it can hinder the growth of your favourite maple. That’s why it’s important to get your trees trimmed by a pro. Fortunately, there’s no need to search for “tree trimming near me” anymore, as you’ve found us, your one-stop-shop for all your needs when it comes to tree service in Innisfil, ON.

Signs you Need Tree Trimming

  • Broken Branches: Any broken branches can be easily removed to result in a nicer looking crown and remove the risk of a falling hazard.
  • A Misshaped Tree: Tree trimming is generally performed for aesthetic purposes. A tree with more leaves and branches on one side compared to the other can look unusual, or even unpleasant. Not only does this look bad but it can also affect your tree’s structural integrity, health and future growth.
  • Unusual Tree Growth: Trees will naturally grow towards the sun. However, in areas of a property in Innisfil where they face more competition, they may extend too far outwards, leading to heavy branches that may eventually collapse under their weight. A tree that is growing too fast and beginning to block windows or cover a pool with shade is another common reason for trimming.

Benefits of Professional Tree Trimming in Innisfil, ON

  • Aesthetics: Getting routine Innisfil tree services like trimming means that your oaks, elms, and maples will look fantastic and contribute to your property value. Not every tree will grow perfectly straight and develop perfect branches; trimming can help with that.
  • Improve Growth and Health: Your tree will divide its energy among all its branches during the spring and summer to collect more sunlight and grow. As not all branches are as useful, and some are dead and require removal, this process is inefficient. Removing diseased branches will improve the overall health of your oak or elm, and help it grow better in the future.
  • Safety: Problems like falling branches, insect infestations, and dying trees are a major cause for concern, but with our professional Innisfil tree services, you’ll be able to avoid those problems, and better respond to any sudden emergencies.

Stump Grinding in Innisfil, ON

Are you tired of a stubborn stump taking up room in your backyard? Don’t break any more lawnmower blades or trimmer string line hitting that thing, instead, take advantage of the convenient stump grinding and removal services we offer as part of our Innisfil tree services. 

Grinding Versus Removal 

Our grinding solutions offer a quick and efficient way of clearing pesky stumps on your property, with minimal damage. The roots are left underground to slowly decompose while you instantly free up space and improve your curb appeal. Removal is a much more extensive option, as it involves excavating and extracting the roofs underground. This isn’t always necessary or desirable, except in situations where you need the roots removed, such as when using farming equipment on the soil.

Benefits of Innisfil Stump Grinding

The main benefits of Innisfil stump grinding are freeing up space in your property and improved aesthetic appeal. Stumps can take away from your lawn and be an eyesore. Proper grinding will give you back that space and make your yard yours again.

Signs You Need Innisfil Tree Services

If you’re noticing any of the following signs, it might be time to seek Innisfil tree service to resolve your problem.

  • Disease: A disease affecting your favourite evergreen could cause it to become structurally unsound and a serious hazard. A disease can also be spread to nearby plants. Sometimes an intervention can save affected plants, if it’s started soon enough. We suggest keeping an eye out for cracked bark, discolouration, unusual leaves, fungi, and crumbling wood. These are all signs that you may be due for Innisfil tree services.
  • Pests: Pests aren’t always as noticeable on your plants as you would imagine. Sometimes, they can sneak in through cracked bark and make their home under it. If the infestation is too far gone, tree removal may be necessary to prevent further spread to other areas of your property or plants.
  • Decay and Damage: Cracks, splits, wounds, dead branches, or hollow trunks are all signs of serious issues. Sometimes a tree is able to heal through any damage it incurred. Other times it may be too significant to handle and will slowly start dying. 
  • Leaning Trees: These aren’t always necessarily a bad thing. Many species bend and flex naturally to adjust to strong winds. It can become a problem when roots are beginning to pull up from the ground though, or when the lean begins to look unnatural. Solutions such as tree cabling or bracing are useful in these situations, but if the leaning is caused by internal structural damage, you may need to remove it entirely.
  • Epicormic shoots: These small sticks or branches shooting up from the base of the trunk are a response to tree stress. Root issues, changes in the surrounding soil, or other issues can all be a cause. Seeing these is a good indicator that something may be wrong.

Benefits of Getting Professional Innisfil Tree Service

  • Safety: Proper trimming, removal and other services means no broken sheds or fences as a result of sudden damage from a falling branch. Not having to worry about power lines being struck or roots cracking your sewer lines will also put your mind at ease. 
  • Property concerns: Is a once-beloved oak now blocking your home’s view of the lake? Do you have a pool in your backyard that no one uses anymore because the shade makes it too cold? Our tree technicians can take care of these problems for you with strategic trimming or full removal of the tree in question.
  • Healthy trees: Treating infected or diseased trees will result in healthy trees nearby. Deadly pests such as the emerald ash borer have a high mortality rate and need to be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent your entire tree line from being wiped out.  

Emergency Tree Service in Innisfil, ON

A major storm can lead to damaged trees, oftentimes beyond saving or repair. This is where storm damage tree removal is important for emergency services like a tree blocking a roadway or door or on top of a car or house.

There are two main reasons why you may need emergency tree service in Innisfil, ON. The first is it exhibits some of the symptoms mentioned above such as limbs that look like they're going to fall, or signs of major disease or decay, or it poses a significant risk of damage to a building or structure. These are all urgent, time-sensitive issues that need to be addressed ASAP to minimize damage. 

The second reason is due to a storm or any of these previous warning signs resulting in a fallen tree or branches. These branches may be blocking the street or doors to your house or a shed entrance depending on where the tree was located. Or a whole tree may have landed on a vehicle or a structure. None of these situations are ideal and need to be resolved as soon as possible to eliminate the immediate hazard and return your property to the way it was.. 

Does Your Storm Damaged Tree Need to be Removed?

Not all storm-damaged trees need to be removed, sometimes proper aftercare and/or pruning will suffice. When in doubt, our Innisfil tree service experts can perform a professional assessment. End your search for tree service in Innisfil, ON by having our expert crew provide amazing Innisfil tree service. Here are some ways you can assess your elm or oak after a storm or sudden emergency:

  • Does it appear to be healthy and vigorous? A healthy-looking tree can repair most damage and a healthy appearance is a good indication that your spruce or maple will make it. 
  • Has the main stem been lost? If the leader stem (the main upward-trending branch) has been destroyed, it’s a bad sign. This part is both important for upward growth and a desirable appearance. If the tree is able to survive without this part, it may become stunted or deformed.
  • Are any major limbs broken? If larger limbs are broken it will make it much harder for any species to recover from damage. Broken large branches can be difficult to regrow and may cause growth issues.
  • Is at least 50 percent of the crown intact? This is a common rule of thumb used to assess survivability. A tree with less than half its branches remaining may not be able to produce enough foliage to nourish itself through another growing season in Innisfil. Since parts may be missing from the crown and the appearance may not be attractive, it’s important to not further prune the branches to fix the appearance, as this will further hinder its growth.
  • How big are the tree wounds? The larger the wound in relation to the limb, the less likely it is to heal. Wounded branches leave your plants vulnerable to disease and pests. A 2-3 inch wound on a 12-inch diameter limb will be able to close over with new bark within a few years.

Stop Searching for Innisfil Tree Service Near Me

If you need consultations for addressing potential disease symptoms or are in need of tree pruning, our Innisfil tree service experts are here to help. OrangeX is a tree care company that deals with all types of trees, ensuring everyone has excellent service to keep their trees healthy. Our advanced skills and emergency service means you can count on us for the safe removal of any trees affected by sudden events. If you’re worried about tree issues or dangerous trees, our knowledgeable team can diagnose any underlying issues and provide a risk assessment, giving you peace of mind. 

If you have any tree care needs or  tree-related problems you want dealt with, give us a call at 705-817-8773 to set up a free no-obligation on-site assessment with our knowledgeable experts for Innisfil tree service. We are here to answer any questions and provide the services you need.