Simcoe County arborists and tree care - OrangeX is a team of tree and landscape experts passionate about our work

About OrangeX

OrangeX is a team of tree and landscape experts passionate about our work. Founded by two professionals with extensive backgrounds in Emergency Services, OrangeX aims to bring that same level of trust, professionalism and top-notch service to the tree and landscape industry.

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People before profits

People before Profits

At OrangeX our polite, professional staff are what separate us from our peers. We believe we have the best staff in the industry, so we do everything we can to take care of them. We believe they deserve to earn a living wage, not minimum wage like many in the industry offer. And even though WSIB coverage isn't required in the tree service industry, we make sure all our staff get it anyway, because we believe that if they are ever hurt, they deserve full coverage. Our employee-first approach allows us to attract and retain the top talent in the industry, which means when you hire OrangeX, you are hiring the best.


Planet before profits:

We at OrangeX believe firmly that we all must do our part to support our environment so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy all the same natural beauty we enjoy today. OrangeX is stepping forward as an environmental leader in our industry, pledging to become, to our knowledge, the first net-zero tree company in North America by 2030. We hope to encourage everyone in our industry, from fellow tree service companies to equipment manufacturers, to follow our lead and make the big changes needed to heal our planet. We have already taken any small steps we can, like purchasing battery-powered equipment instead of fuel-burning machines and going paperless wherever possible. We plan to get electric trucks as soon as they become available and look forward to more of the specialized equipment we use becoming electrified in the near future.